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My name is Nicole, and I’m an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist who does telehealth sessions in California. I specialize in working with people through creative challenges, life transitions, and understanding their own identities.

Who Are My Clients?


Creative expression is a part of life for many, but those who center it in their personal and professional lives face a unique set of challenges. Writers, artists, content creators, designers, hobbyists, you name it. One of my greatest joys is helping creative people find balance and reconnect with the pieces of themselves that made them want to create in the first place. I specialize in working with people looking to embrace their creative energy, fight the imposter phenomenon, and generate meaningful, joyful, passionate work. Whether you have goals already or feel adrift, I can help. Together, we can transform stuck points into clarity, and take intentional steps towards a creative life you love.

LGBTQIA+ Individuals and Couples

As a non-binary, queer clinician, I know firsthand how important it is to feel understood in your identities. Whether you are questioning your gender or sexuality, or you want a space to process current events with someone who is educated and validating of your experiences, I am here to support you. I emphasize the value of community and self-love in my work with clients. I also offer services for relationship counseling, whether you identify as a romantically monogamous couple or want to come to therapy with a platonic life partner. Let's work together to improve communication skills, go deep around emotional needs, and bolster a connection between you and someone you love.


Work and academics are major stressors in modern life. Feeling burnt out? Considering a major transition? Looking for ways to find balance and feel confident in your decisions? I support individuals in managing the weight of high-powered jobs, shifting to a new career trajectory, and combating perfectionism. Together, we will move beyond basic self-care and get to the root of your goals and needs. Through our work and commitment to healing and change, you can acknowledge the challenges of contemporary work culture while finding the tools that work for you to be happy and fulfilled. Finding satisfaction with your work is possible, and I feel honored to be part of that journey.

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